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Cricut EasyPress Mini Heat Transfer Machine EU Edition & 8in x 10in Mat Bundle

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This bundle includes the Cricut EasyPress Mini Raspberry Heat Transfer Machine EU Edition and the Cricut EasyPress 8in x 10 in Mat.

The Mini Raspberry Cricut EasyPress is a lightweight, portable and compact machine, that has been designed to help you with your endless heat transfer projects. It's clever design allows high quality use with your most shapely objects from hats, stuffed animals and baby shoes to smaller spaced such as squeezing into seams and working between buttons, this EasyPress is the perfect essential for your craft collection.

The EasyPress features safety aspects such as an insulated base and auto-shutoff feature as well as three simple heat settings for easy-to use versatility on a variety of heat-transfer projects, including permanent infusible ink transfers. Customising your projects with precision and detail has never been so easy!

The Cricut EasyPress Mat ensures you protect the surface your working on when applying heat transferable materials and achieve fantastic results each time. The strong cover provides thermal conductivity and even heat distribution throughout. A special inner liner wicks moisture to deliver clean, dry heat. This mat is also perfect for pressing sewing projects.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes Cricut EasyPress Mini Raspberry Heat Transfer Machine & 8in x 10in Mat
  • Three Heat Settings
  • Safety Features: A insulated base & Auto-shutoff feature
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy to use & store
  • EU Adapter
  • Ideal for larger T-shirts, sweatshirts, banners, blankets, and more
  • Mat features Innovative construction eliminates moisture and directs heat to your iron-on design
  • Mat shields your work surface from damaging heat and moisture


  • Machine Weight: 0.75kg
  • Mat Size: 8in x 10in