Korbond Instant Repair Tape 4.5m

Korbond Instant Repair Tape 4.5m

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The Instant Repair Tape is a 4.5m double sided tape that provides you with a temporary fix when hemming. This bonding tape adheres to most fabrics instantly, allowing to easily hem clothing without the need to sew or iron. Can be used for other craft projects and applications.

Please Note: Instant Repair Tape has been designed to be a temporary fix for emergency hemming. Ensure tape is removed from garments before washing or ironing. This product is not intended to be a lasting solution. Please use Korbond Hemming Web or Korbond Hemming Tape for permanent hemming.


  • Length: 4.5m


  • Turn garment inside out and choose the width of new hem
  • Cut Instant Repair Tape to required length
  • Place the adhesive side of the Repair Tape onto fabric inside hem and firmly press the tape into place
  • Peel the backing paper from the tape and carefully fold the fabric back over the tape until the hem is bonded