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Liberty Fabrics Thea Boho Sleeve Shirt Sewing Pattern

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The Thea Boho Sleeve Shirt Sewing Pattern allows you to create a beautiful loose fitted button up shirt and an option to add ruffled or puffed sleeves. Create your pattern using silk, linen or cotton. Add a stunning yet free-spirited style to your wardrobe with this classic design and subtle detailing.

The Liberty Fabrics sewing patterns feature contemporary detailing giving you a modern twist to vintage designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Style: Loose-fitting, button-front shirts with gathers, collar and sleeve variations
  • Sizes: 6-22
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Suggested Fabric: Cotton, Silk, Linen
  • Supplies Required: A, B, D, E: Eight 0.5in (13mm) Buttons. C: Twelve 0.5in (13mm) Buttons. B, F: 2.5 yds. (2.3m) of 1in (2.5cm) Wide Ribbon. D: 1 yd. (1m) of 1in (2.5cm) Wide Ribbon. E: 4 yds. (3.7m) of 0.625in (1.5cm) Preferred Trim. F: 1.75 yds. (1.6m) of 1.5in (3.8cm) Preferred Trim