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Screen Sensation 12in x 12in Kit

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The Screen Sensation 12in x 12in Kit has been designed to create beautifully decorated projects. The Kit allows you to build layers of prints, perfect for scrapbooking, home décor, gifts and more!

Simply tape your chosen screen design to the frame and insert it into the Screen Sensation to start printing straight away.

This kit includes Screen Sensation screen printing system, a frame featuring 24cm square aperture, A Squeegee that is specifically sized to the screen for an even coverage of your design, A Palette Knife to allow you to transfer your chosen ink directly to the surface of your screen, 10 Wooden Mixing Tools which allow you combine different ink colours and a Mixing Bowl shaped to allow you to easily mix and thin down your inks and then transfer to the surface of your screen.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes Screen Sensation Screen Printing System, Frame, squeegee, Palette Knife, 10x Wooden Mixing Tools & 1x Mixing Bowl
  • Designed to create beautifully decorated projects


  • Size: 12in x 12in