Threaders Table Tidy Template & Mesh Fabric Bundle

Threaders Table Tidy Template & Mesh Fabric Bundle

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The Threaders Table Tidy Template and Mesh Fabric Bundle comes with 3 templates which you can use to sew your very own table tidy storage bag and a mesh rabric sheet which you can cut and stitch into your bag to add pockets and extra compartments.

The templates are perfect for beginners and experts alike including step-by-step instructions and an in-built seam allowance so there's no calculating or measuring needed. Follow the templates in this set to create a table tidy with a large main compartment and smaller compartment to store all your crafty bits and bobs. These templates are durable and re-usable giving you the opportunity to create multiple storage bags. Use different fabrics to create waterproof, sturdy and chic makes.

Use the fabric to create pockets for your sewing supplies to be stored in. Cut the sheet to your desired size and use with sewing templates to easily and efficiently sew the mesh fabric onto your storage bag. The mesh fabric is ideal for using to create storage pockets, as you are able to see which items are stored within your different pocket compartments.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 3 templates & 1 sheet of mesh fabric
  • Use to create your very own Table Tidy
  • Pair with an array of different fabrics to create a unique sewing storage bag


  • Template Size: 16.5in x 11.7in
  • Finished Bag Size: 16.5in x 11.5in x 5.75in
  • Fabric Size: 19.7in x 23.6in